Heritage Whisperer – Writer – Researcher

Patric Tariq Mellet is a veteran of the South African liberation movement, former director of PR under Speaker Dr Frene Ginwala in the first post 1994 South African Parliament, and former advisor to Minister Pandor. He was also co-founder of one of South Africa’s most successful NGOs – Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement. He further served as a senior officer (Commissioner-Director) in the Aviation and Maritime Arena of the Ports/Border Control & Immigration Service. In the law-enforcement arena Tariq specialised on combating human trafficking.

Tariq, as he is more widely known, has also worked as a mechanical engineering fitter, lithographic printer and in publishing. He is a graduate of the London University of the Arts – College of Communication, in printing and publishing (Dip OLP). He also has an MSc in Tourism Development & Management from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. In his youth he was producer and editor of two small anti-Apartheid newspapers¬† – ‘Young Voice’ and ‘New Voice’ which were consecutively banned by the Apartheid Regime. Exiled for 15 years during the fight against Apartheid, he worked in the Trades Union arena (SACTU) and for the ANC in public outreach/campaigning and ran its printing presses and served on the editorial boards of a number of its journals.

Tariq has lived and worked in over 30 countries covering Western and Eastern Europe, the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Now retired, he focuses on writing and research in the areas of his passions – International and Current Affairs – African Affairs; Migration Affairs; and Heritage and Culture of the Indigenous peoples of the Cape and Cape Slavery. The latter includes the Indian Ocean Slave Trade and Southeast Asian heritage. He is know as a Heritage Whisperer and does radio and television work in addition to research and writing.

Tariq also continues to campaign against elements of Apartheid and marginalization, still present in SA society, such as race classification particularly focused on the restoration of African rights and status of those labelled Coloured (San, Khoi and Camissa people). Further to this he also continues to campaign against racism and social injustice at many levels in South Africa and globally.

This blogsite focuses on three areas of writing – SLICES OF LIFE; HERITAGE and CURRENT AFFAIRS. There are also links to Tariq’s Poetry Blogsite and to his Camissa People Blogsite on the South African history and heritage that falls between the cracks. One can also navigate from this site to ASIRAWAN SIAM HEALING HOUSE – The SA-Thai Slave Heritage Reflection Centre and Spa.¬†


Tariq on operation with Cuban Coastguard on Mozambique - South Africa border
With Cuban Coastguard on tour of Mozambique – SA Border
Tariq with Fidel Castro and Ahmed Kathrada
Pres. Nelson Mandela, Justice Chaskalson, Tariq Mellet & Speaker Dr Frene Ginwala


Patric Tariq Mellet CO Director ORTIA IMS Port/Border Control

Patric Tariq Mellet with Pres. Nelson Mandela